Medicine Bottles & Hangers

A wide selection of medicine bottles and hangers
for your specific needs

Optimal presentation of spectacles and accessories
with unlimited possibilities

Medicine Bottles

The collection varies
from clear glass to brown glass
Bottle caps offered
in black and white, w/ bead, plastkonus or inclination

Laboratory essentials

Explore our medicine bottles and caps Collection, an array of precision-crafted labware designed for versatile scientific applications. Itemized for easy identification, our range includes robust beakers and cups engineered for accurate measurements, adaptable pipette tips for precise liquid handling, and a variety of caps to secure your samples. For seamless integration into any environment, our products are made from clear, durable materials that withstand rigorous use. Adapt and enhance your laboratory setup with our thoughtfully designed essentials, tailored to support your evolving research needs.

Versatile Plastic Hanger

Discover our Plastic Hanger Collection, the ideal solution for organizing and displaying various items with style and ease. This comprehensive selection features a variety of hanger designs, each tailored to support different weights and types of merchandise. From simple, sleek models for an understated look to sturdy, broad-shouldered options for heavier garments, our hangers are crafted from durable, high-quality plastic that ensures long-lasting use. Enhance your product presentation and storage with our Plastic Hanger Collection—designed for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

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Medicine Bottles