Display Clips

The Clip-System
An infinitely variable and convincing system!

Optimal presentation of spectacles and accessories
with unlimited possibilities


Put your collection of spectacles in focus
together with trendy accessories.

The illustration shows the “SHOW-CLIP”

The Basic Clip

This small wall plate is the standard module of the system. It gives the optician optimal flexibility in arranging his obstacle display. At all times you can adapt the Clip-System to your changing marketing strategy. You do this by simply fitting in another clip. All components in our Clip-System are made of a hyaloid material.

Main Clips

Elevate Your Eyewear Presentation with Our Versatile Clip System

Introducing our Clip System: the ultimate solution for showcasing eyewear, from individual frames with Clip 1 to expansive collections with Clip 3. Our innovative clips offer unmatched flexibility and style, ensuring your displays attract attention and meet changing needs effortlessly. Elevate your spectacle presentation with our range of functional, aesthetically pleasing display solutions.

Clip 1

Showcase a single spectacle frame with Clip 1, the most compact in our system. Its key advantage is adaptability—easily adjust the display to meet changing needs. Quickly add another Clip to the already-mounted Basic-Clip

Clip 2

For two spectacle frames. Clip 2 can be used to display twice as many frames, and as they are made of a hyaloid material, the spectacle frames themselves will attract all attention.

Clip 3

For three spectacle frames. A large selection helps the customer make the best and most satisfactory choice. Clip 3 displays the collection in a decorative and well-arranged manner.

The Clip-System makes it easy to present
highlight-articles, accessories, cases and
the variety of the collection in an efficient way.

Complex Clips

Maximize Merchandising with Our Exclusive Clip Collection

Showcase your merchandise with flair using our versatile Clip Collection. Feature accessories prominently with the Case-Clip, animate your spectacle presentation with the Show-Clip, and highlight premium models with the Design-Clip. Designed for swift changes and maximum appeal, our clips ensure your products are always the star of the show. Transform your space into a dynamic sales gallery with ease.


16 centimetres wide. Cases are important accessories. They should not be stored in drawers but rather be displayed in full view in the shop. The Case-Clip produces the best possible sales effect, both if they are dispersed among the spectacle frames and if they are arranged together in one or more rows


16 centimetres wide, 12 centimetres deep. It is show-time. The Show-Clip adds excitement to the arrangement of spectacles. It makes it possible to create combinations of fashionable accessories as a way to increase the impact of the display. In a few seconds the Show-Clip can be changed for other clips.


Offer your customers a new perspective with the Design-Clip. Perfect presentation of the select models. The Design-lip can be exchanged for another in a few seconds due to the advantages offered by our Basic-Clip.

The Deko-Display

This Vario-System makes it easy to create interesting displays. It is equally suitable for separate spectacle frames or whole arrangements. In Display windows, shows cases or sales rooms you may choose among Deko-Display 1, 2 or 3.

Technical data about our Clip-System and Demo-Display

Data: First-class die-casting production.
Raw material: Polystyrene
International specification: PS

Display Clips

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